Simultaneous interpreting

Simultanne tlmocenie

Simultaneous interpreting is characterized by the use of interpreting equipment. We will provide its installation according to your wishes. A simultaneous interpreter translates speech in a separate room or cabin. This is because he has to be able to properly focus on a speaker.

The listeners have headphones, where the interpreter simultaneously interprets. This type of interpreting is very demanding and therefore at least two interpreters must interchange during interpreting.

It depends on the duration itself of simultaneous interpretation. On average interpreters take turns after some time. The interpreter, who currently does not interpret notes and technical terms in order to maintain a unified terminology.

What devices are used for simultaneous interpreting?

  • interpreting cabin
  • wireless microphone
  • wireless headphones
  • sound system, speakers
  • lightening
  • screen, projector for projection (Data projector)
  • • audio / video recording of the interpretation of your choice

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