Official translations

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Price list - Official / SWORN translation

from intoprice for standard page
SlovakEnglish and conversely20,00 €
SlovakCzech and conversely22,00 €
SlovakFrench and conversely22,00 €
SlovakHungarian and conversely22,00 €
SlovakGerman and conversely20,00 €
SlovakItalian and conversely23,00 €
SlovakSpanish and conversely25,00 €
SlovakUkrainian and conversely25,00 €
SlovakRomanian and conversely28,00 €
SlovakRusssian and conversely24,50 €
SlovakPolish and conversely23,00 €


The exact price depends on determining the number of standard pages (1800 characters, including spaces, 30 lines of 60 strokes).

To find the full price and any information please contact us at the number +421 911 917 128 or send us an e mail. ASAP we send to you the price calculation.





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