Medical Translations

medical translationsMedical translations require professional competence. Our medical translators are carefully selected based on our strict criteria. They are skilled experts in the following fields: medicine, chemistry, pharmacy and health.

The emphasis is mainly placed on technical terminology and international guidelines, which are needed and simultaneously comply with professional translation.

The field of medicine requires high expertise and many years’ experience of the translator. Our translators regularly educate and improve themselves, so that they can prepare the best translation for you.

Most often medical translations:

  • medical reports
  • package inserts for drugs
  • manuals for medical apparatus
  • written information about drugs
  • medical patents
  • chemical translations
  • registration certificates
  • case studies

What languages do we translate? australia-ruka  germany-664894_640  france-664858_640  russia-641554_640 ukraine-643635_640 poland-643760_640  netherlands-674698_640

English, German, French, Hungarian, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Polish, Dutch, Spanish, Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian, Greek, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Macedonian, Latin, Hebrew, Romanian, Arabic, Turkish, Slovak, Czech, Armenian, Persian an many moore.

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2 comments on “Medical Translations”

  1. Andrea Kollar Reply

    Dobrý deň,
    rada by som sa informovala či je u Vás možný aj bežný preklad lekárskych správ do holandského jazyka. Ďakujem
    s pozdravom
    Andrea Kollar

    • Branislav Slovák Reply

      Ďakujem za Váš komentár pani Andrea Kollar. Preklady lekárskych správ Vám radi vyhotovíme.
      Spolupracujeme s komerčnými poisťovňami na prekladoch lekárskych správ v rôznych svetových jazykoch.

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