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f you need an official or certified translation, we can help you. You may need an official translation in relation to  state institutions. Our sworn translators are registered with the Ministry of Justice and fulfill all the conditions under Act No. 382/2004 on experts, interpreters and translators. We guarantee confidentiality and, if necessary,  will issue a confirmation in the form

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Do you cooperate with  foreign partners? Then interpreting is the right choice for you. Your business meeting, conference, seminar or congress cannot do without a good interpreter. We will help you  choose the right one and prepare the interpreting equipment. Everything will be “tailor-made”. It’s all up to you what kind of interpreting you are

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Medical Translations

Medical translations require professional competence. Our medical translators are carefully selected based on our strict criteria. They are skilled experts in the following fields: medicine, chemistry, pharmacy and health. The emphasis is mainly placed on  technical terminology and international guidelines, which are needed and  simultaneously comply with professional translation. The field of medicine requires high

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Localization are used in translations where it is necessary to take account of certain cultural habits of the country. We can help you there! Our translators will improve and apply their knowledge to projects, thus adding value to your translations. In addition, if you need to localize with the help of an experienced native speaker,

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