Translations for imported cars

preklady autá

Have you bought your car abroad? We will translate all the necessary documents for registering your car. Just send us translations by email and we, in the express time will translate and prepare everything so that your car can be, as quickly as possible and without worrying, registered at the police.

Official translation can be done the day you ordered them.

 Most often translated documents are:

  • Registration card -certificate of registration (small and large)
  • Invoice for the purchase of vehicles (purchase agreement)
  • Vehicle confirmation for signing out of service
  • COC documents
  • STK – Vehicle Testing Station or EK- Control of emission

The condition for vehicle registration with the competent authorities is not to have all the documents translated. It is sufficient to translate only those that are required. If you do not know which one you will need to have translated, we will be glad to help you at mobile +421 911 917 128 or by email:

Price list of the official translations for vehicles:

German language….21 €background-2321_640

English language…….21 €

Italian language……..26 €

Dutch language……….30 €

Others languages from…30 €

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