Who is a native speaker?


Have you ever heard the term “native speaker“? We have the answer for you.   🙂 The native speaker is a translator who has a mother language for example English, Czech, German or another language.

It means that such native speaker lives in Slovakia, speaks Slovak but their mother language is not Slovak. The advantage for you is that such translator; proof-reader knows the culture and customs of their native country. Your translations and proofread text are therefore adapted for the needs of the target country – they are localized.

If you know that you will need your translation or the proofread text for the foreign market or clients it would be better to have the native speaker working on such project. We will guarantee you seamless application to the desired market, so that the translation is smoothly understandable to any “native” of the country. If you have text in a foreign language and you need to have it checked by a native speaker, we will help you with that.

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